The 3INFORM Line

Background of 3INFORM

346-3676 or 3IN-FORM if you spelled it out on your phone keypad started out as a way for our listeners to call 24 hours a day 7 days week to hear details of interest that we could not always give them on the air.  Starting out with two phone line in a very short time we found out that two would not handle the traffic load.  We soon doubled the lines and there are still times you may get a busy signal.  Please just be patient and call back.   

3INFORM Line Menu

When you call 3IN-FORM you will hear a lot of choices.  You may cancel your present selection by pressing the * key on your phone at anytime.

Press 1 for the different ways to contact us here at WJNV

Press 2 for our contest rules                                                           

Press 3 for local information                                                          

Press 4 for local news                                                                       

Press 5 for the latest Lee County weather forecast              

Press 6 for local sports                                                                     

Press 7 for our obituary file                                                           

Press 8 for Lee County School News                                          

Press 9 for School and other closings                                        

Press 10 Lee County Sheriff's report                                           

Press 11 for the Lee County High School Lunch Menu         

Press 12 for Lee Country K-8 Lunch Menu                                

Press 13 for Lee County School Breakfast Menu                    

Press 14 for the church announcements