Advertising on WJNV

WJNV-FM targets the general population of the listeners in Lee County and the surrounding Tri-State area.

We offer ABC News at the top of every hour, weather updates twice every hour, Obituary updates in the morning (7:48 and 8:05 stopset), Local Announcements and Church Announcements after ABC News during the 8:00 am break. 

During the winter months, WJNV-FM offers the J99 Snow Watch in which all cancellations are announced during the drive time hours after each weather and news. WJNV-FM also offers an Inform line (346-3676) where people can call and get local news, weather, sports, obituaries, school closings and other cancellations.    

WJNV-FM offers gospel music on Sunday Mornings between 6 am and 12 noon. This programming is very popular, especially to the elderly people in Lee County.    

WJNV-FM broadcasts Lee High and Thomas Walker High School Sports. We broadcast all Football games, all Girls and Boys Basketball, and select Baseball games.    

WJNV-FM remotes on election nights (local and state), bringing the latest election results to the citizens of Lee County.     

For More Information about what WJNV-FM offers as well as custom made Advertising Packages contact: Regina Moore, 276-346-2000, 276-346-2049 (Fax),  276-870-2622 (Cell),