Advertising on WJNV

WJNV-FM targets the general population of the listeners in Lee County. 

We offer ABC News at the top of every hour, weather updates twice every hour, Obituary updates in the morning (7:48 and 8:05 stopset), Local Announcements and Church Announcements after ABC News during the 8:00 am break. 

During the winter months, WJNV-FM offers the J99 Snow Watch in which all cancellations are announced during the drive time hours after each weather and news. WJNV-FM also offers an Inform line (346-3676) where people can call and get local news, weather, sports, obituaries, school closings and other cancellations.    

WJNV-FM offers gospel music on Sunday Mornings between 6 am and 12 noon. This programming is very popular, especially to the elderly people in Lee County.    

WJNV-FM broadcasts Lee High and Thomas Walker High School Sports. We broadcast all Football games, all Girls and Boys Basketball, and select Baseball games.    

WJNV-FM remotes on election nights (local and state), bringing the latest election results to the citizens of Lee County.     

For More Information about what WJNV-FM offers as well as custom made Advertising Packages contact: Regina Moore, 276-346-2000, 276-346-2049 (Fax),  276-870-2622 (Cell),